House of Chameleon is a full-service Design Studio focused on creating complete Home Harmony through Interior Design, Styling and Organization Solutions.

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Our collaborative process takes you on a journey to self-discovery, helping to uncover not only your personal style from within, but throughout your home

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"A chameleon symbolizes sensitivity and clairvoyance. It encourages you to have patience, to gain insight, to always be curious, and to be resourceful. It reminds you that there is no need to go through life in a hurry because you should live it at your own pace.”

Our goal is to help you explore what truly makes you happy, both personally & within your home

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“Nichole is a natural. Not only does she have impeccable taste but she can read a space and elevate it to its best self. She has a beautiful way of understanding exactly what you’re hoping to create — and executing it with ease. The cherry on top… she’s an understanding, patient, kind, soulful woman who’s wonderful and fun to work with! It’s really quite unfair for one person to have such talent; except she shares it with you through her work. We love Nichole and the home she helped us to create!"

Katelyn Davis