founder & head designer

Nichole is creatively fueled by her love of interior design, fashion, architecture, and music.

With a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business, Nichole has dedicated most of her career working to educate herself across all areas of the fashion and interior design industries.

Also serving as a Sales Executive for a Fortune 500 company for over a decade, she understands and values the importance of being process oriented, budget conscious, and an innate problem solver.

This creative, yet analytical mindset help differentiate the level of care and service she delivers to her client’s and the overall experience when working with her.

our vision & philosophy

House of Chameleon’s main goal is to help create complete Home Harmony by encouraging and empowering you to explore what truly makes you happy, both personally and within your home. Embracing this constant state of self-exploration as we evolve and pass through each stage of our life.

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